8 May 2020

My Saturday Night lifestyle is a challenge where we intend to view and review every bout of SNL every made, one show each day until I have swept up towards the present period. Welcome to Season Thirty-Five.

SNL: S35E01. HOST: MEGAN FOX. DATE: 26, 2009 september

A Sluggish Introduction To Your Very First Comprehensive Season

That’s Completely Unfamiliar In My Experience

Though my small nephew whom lives in identical household I don’t think he’s ever watched the earlier ones starring Megan Fox, or at least not with me as me loves the Transformers series of movies. I hate how the movie robots seem to cheat in order to transform though I loved the cartoon as a kid. We utilized to love seeing the way they would work all of the vehicle’s pieces into body components. Where in fact the cartoons transform step by step therefore it would transform as a toy that you can clearly see how. (more…)

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8 May 2020