23 April 2020

Not everybody has been doing it: Lehigh pupils align with generational hookup styles

Us citizens are having less sex than in the past.

Millennials, in specific, report less sex and less intimate lovers than both their moms and dads’ and grand-parents’ generations did at what their age is, relating to report into the Archives of Sexual Behavior by University of north park researcher and writer Jean Twenge.

Regardless of this information, news and popular tradition spot millennials in the center of hyper-sexualized development from expecting teenagers to spring breakers, causing the often publicized myth millennials are sex-crazed and off to ruin the standard tips of dating and relationships generations before them enjoyed.

That isn’t completely real

Sexologist Brooke DeSipio, the manager of sex physical violence training and help at Lehigh, thinks really the only real huge difference is when you look at the terminology.

“Hookup culture is certainly not a thing that is new” DeSipio stated. “It is occurring for generations, and contains simply been called something different for each generation. It absolutely was hefty petting, then it absolutely was casual sex then setting up, nonetheless it’s the exact same concept.”


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23 April 2020