20 April 2020

Kyiv hosted the First All-Ukrainian Forum of Women Lawyers

On June 8 and 9, a milestone occasion into the individual liberties sphere of Ukraine happened in Kyiv, the initial All-Ukrainian Forum of Women Lawyers “Women in the Legal Profession: Achievements, Challenges and Impact regarding the Quality of Legal Protection”, arranged by “JurFem”, the Association of Women attorneys, with all the expert and monetary help towards the Quality and Accessible Legal Aid in Ukraine venture.

For the duration of two times, about two hundred feminine attorneys, including feminine judges, lawyers, individual legal rights activists, experts within the system of free appropriate aid, police force officials, scholars, professionals from civil and general general general public sectors from various parts of Ukraine talked about issues of women’s usage of justice in Ukraine and just how to most readily useful combine efforts associated with appropriate and individual liberties community for qualitative alterations in the world of appropriate security and security of women’s legal rights.

The individuals for the Forum analyzed the state that is current developed recommendations, anticipated to be generalized by the Forum’s organizers, presented and directed to appropriate specific organizations. (more…)

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20 April 2020