18 May 2020

Chapter 9: Trayvon — Intercourse, prefer, and Like in Prison5

What’s love got to accomplish along with it?

Ended up being we ever deeply in love with Trayvon, or ended up being i recently permitting him have exactly just what he desired from me personally to obtain the assistance & security i needed from him? Ended up being Trayvon actually in love beside me, or did he just wish intercourse and use of my canteen account?

Considering Trayvon — yes, their love had been genuine, and stayed genuine also when I had been composing this over half a year following the last time we saw one another. I believe from it in this manner: I happened to be not at all the obvious older white guy he wanted was to mooch off somebody for him to start hitting on if all. I will be a rather stingy coot that is old Trayvon learned that in the beginning. Additionally, in it to mooch he’d have kicked my memory to the curb and found another sugar daddy ASAP when I left — but six months later that did not seem to have happened if he was just. (more…)


18 May 2020