Silicone products manufactured in a clean room environment are successfully used in medicine, including operating rooms and intensive care units. Physiological inertness of silicone substantially reduces the risk of inflammations, as many scientific studies have shown. We offer peristaltic pump and drip hoses, drains, catheters, micro tubes and resuscitation masks, among others.


Because of its stable molecular structure and hydrophobicity, silicone is an excellent, clean material for food-contact articles. Its high temperature resistance guarantees durability of such products, even if used on a daily basis. TOPSIL GLOBAL offers seals for household appliances, silicone baking moulds and other kitchen utensils.


Due to its thermal resistance and resistance to repeated or long-lasting squeezing, silicone is being willingly used in automotive applications. Fuel hoses and seals for different elements of cars construction constitute an important group of products manufactured by TOPSIL GLOBAL.


Silicone and thermoplastic seals produced by TOPSIL GLOBAL are characterized by lasting durability due to their resistance to temperature, thermal and atmospheric ageing and ultraviolet radiation, and also to the lack of stiffening with a passage of time. Thanks to the above, the construction elements with our sealings can serve their users longer.


TOPSIL GLOBAL offers silicone components, conductive as well as insulating. They meet our clients’ requirements due to their advantageous physical properties (e.g. combustion temperature about 430℃), but also because of their aesthetics.


The newest development in the silicone family are the highly transparent grades, that feature better light transmittance properties than glass. Durable, non-yellowing and temperature resistant silicone lenses are a perfect match with LED lamps. This adds to other silicone products, mainly sealings, already widely used in the industry. TOPSIL GLOBAL produces different parts for most renowned and innovating lighting companies, including Philips and Panasonic.


Excellent mechanical properties of silicone – most of all the tear strength, preventing separation of particles from a product – as well as its cleanliness, durability and aesthetics make TOPSIL GLOBAL teats, soothers and dummies to be readily chosen by parents all over Europe.


Silicone products can easily comply to the European CEN TS 45545 standard, since they do not emit any toxic substances while being burned. Moreover, they can be filled with flame retarding additives.


We specialise in tailor made products, according to customer’s needs and specification. They are destined to many different applications in various industries. For individual customers we offer home and kitchen articles, such as baking moulds or window seals.


In TOPSIL GLOBAL we are working with two material groups: silicones and thermoplastic elastomers. We process them by means of injection and extrusion moulding. We make all the tools needed for production, including liquid silicone injection moulds in the first place – the most advanced and complex technology in plastics processing.


Quality management and environment protection constitute our basic standards. We hold certificates of ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 norms compliance, issued by a German renowned certification body (DQS). An integrated ERP system ensures complete control of all processes ongoing in the company and allows proper resource optimization and planning.