TOPSIL GLOBAL manufactures products from silicone rubber and thermoplastic elastomers made to customer order. Presently we produce over 2.000 of different extruded products and several hundred of moulded articles, including:

  • Window, door and constructionseals
  • Seals for small and big household appliances and other food-contact products
  • Peristaltic pump hoses and other products for medicine and pharmacy
  • Low and high temperature (-100oC to + 350oC) resistant products
  • Fuel hoses and other fluorosiliconecaoutchouc products resistant to oils and petrol and other products for automotive industry
  • Products for electronics and electro-energetic industry (conductive and insulating)
  • Seals for lightingindustry products
  • Teats, lactators’ covers and other articles for babies and nursing mothers