Grants for innovations

PO IG 4.3

In 2011 the company Topsil Global – a separate legal entity created for the purpose of developing activities within the Special Economic Zone of Lodz – has been awarded an important financial contribution from the BGK (Bank Gopodarstwa Krajowego). Thanks to this support Topsil Global will invest in the clean room area, as a part of the new production plant to be built in Skierniewice, which will allow the company to extend its offer with products destined for medical applications, wherever a direct contact with patient’s body is required. The project „Implementation of new technology of silicone processing in a highly clean environment conditions by Topsil Global” is being realized with the financial support from the European Fund for Regional Development and from the state budget, within the Activity 4.3 „Technology Credit Fund” of the Operational Program Innovative Economy.

RPO WM 1.7 i PO IG 6.1

As a part of our policy of export promotion, in 2011 and 2012 TOPSIL GLOBAL is carrying out two projects co-financed by the European funds. Within the Activity 1.7 „Economic promotion” of the Regional Operational Program of Mazovian Voivodship for 2007-2013 and the Activity 6.1 „Passport to export” of the Operational Program Innovative Economy, the company representatives are taking part in numerous tradeshows and commercial missions in several countries, mainly in the European Union. Thanks to these activities TOPSIL GLOBAL brand reaches more and more people, and our products are conquering new markets.

PO IG 8.2

In 2010/2011, basing on the contract with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and thanks to the financial support from the European Fund for Regional Development and from the state budget, within the Activity 8.2 of the Operational Program Innovative Economy, we realized the project “Expansion of the existing ERP computer system by the functionality of automatic order placement (B2B module)”. The introduction of this solution enabled our customers to make substantial savings in stock-keeping, thanks to organizing supplies according to the Just-In-Time system. Following the implementation of B2B tool, these processes have been automatized in great extent, which contributed to refining and quickening our mutual commercial transactions.


Thanks to the EU’s support within the Activity 2.3 “Growth of competitiveness of companies through investments” that forms part of Sectorial Operational Program Growth of Competitiveness of Companies (SPO WKP), in 2004-2006 TOPSIL GLOBAL implemented big project “Acquisition of new technological lines and management software”. This investment covered the purchase of some modern lines for silicone and thermoplastic profiles’ extrusion as well as an equipment for preparing silicone compounds. The realization of all the project’s aims allowed us to develop new groups of products, to improve quality, and the growth of competitiveness of the company has followed. TOPSIL GLOBAL has improved its brand’s image and sealed its position in the national and international markets.

RPO WM 1.5

The project “Implementation of the innovative technology of forms for liquid silicone manufacturing”, realized in 2009 and 2010, resulted in creation of a modern center of manufacturing of forms for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) within our production plant. This investment was partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by the national budget within Regional Operational Program of Mazovian Voivodship for 2007-2013, priority 1: Creation of conditions for the development of innovative potential and entrepreneurship in Mazovia. The project consisted of acquisition of technologically advanced machinery which together with deep technological knowledge allowed to work on brand new processes of form manufacturing. Moreover, we opened the tool shop where forms for our own needs as well as for other companies by order are made. This allowed us to shorten significantly the time of fabrication of new products. Thanks to the project TOPSIL GLOBAL carried out, we are capable of executing virtually any order for a silicone product.